Fighting Chance

Max wakes up in limbo after accidentally dying while preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Rose. There is only one way back and that is to beat Death in a boxing match. You are about to go toe to toe with the biggest, meanest, baddest, dirtiest fighter there has ever been. You’ve just woken up – is this just a dream? How did you get here? There’s no time to find out – you need to fight. Fight like you’ve never fought before. You’re fighting for the ultimate prize – bigger than any heavyweight championship.
You’re fighting for your life.
Is it a life worth fighting for? Is that the key to victory? If you can survive a round, then maybe you can work it out… and maybe, just maybe, you can save the most important life in the world. Your own.
Bioscope films brings you a poignant look at life, love, inspiration… and boxing. This original concept explores how coming face to face with death can make one man appreciate life and love.

135 thoughts on “Fighting Chance

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